Bill Gaffney

Always looking for creative inspiration about earning money, Bill Gaffney regularly educates himself about startups, especially the professional and personal histories of successful startup founders. Businessman and investor Mark Cuban serves as one of his top inspirations, hoping to adopt his willingness to take professional risks.

Bill Gaffney in an avid reader, primarily consuming books and biographies about skilled athletes, inspiring coaches, and successful business owners. Some of Bill’s favorite success stories are those of baseball player Willie Mays, Home Depot founder Arthur Blanke, and Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher. Bill finds motivation and inspiration from the regrettably brief, but immensely powerful, life of Steve Jobs, who founded Apple in Bill’s hometown of Los Altos, CA.

If Bill were to compare the exceptional business model of Change Realty to another company, it would be that of VC-backed Dollar Shave Club, which also offers full services at nominal fees. Bill plans to change the game when it comes to marketing real estate property with hopes that the cost-effective model utilized by Change Realty will spread into other industries, too.

When Bill isn’t busy working to bring affordable real estate marketing to the masses, he enjoys playing basketball and watching football, basketball, and baseball games. He shares his love of playing and watching sports with his two teenage children.